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Anchor text maybe no longer that important

Date Added: 18 Dec 2012
Author: Top Directory Australia

It's time we have to change the way we used to think about SEO. Before we thought Anchor Text is very important that you put your desired keywords (some generic words) and they will influence the search ranking. But that is old times. Think about this, if you only put generic keywords as your link title, what would search engines think (particularly Google)? Nowadays they most likely consider it as spam.

Gotta change the strategy now, we strongly advise everyone not to put just the generic keywords but also their business name. eg for ABC company who is selling Plasma TV, instead of putting "Plasma TV" as title, it's always better to include the business name like this: "ABC Plasma TV", and trust me, this looks much better and less spammy and I am sure search engines will like it.