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6 Feb 2013 - Fully Integrated Blog

Initially we tried to draw all the entries from our fan page via rss feed but that didn't really look good, in fact it was quite ugly. Then we have thought of setting up a Wordpress site but we figured we actually prefer a fully integrated blog that resides in this directory site. So we spent some time to investigate and finally we have created a blog section that we have actually modified from the existing article system, ending up pretty well. We have imported all the older entries.

Take a look : http://topdirectory.com.au/blog.php

From now on we will be posting our news in this blog section as well as our fan page.

4 Feb 2013 - Report Listing Error

We have added a new function that enables you to report error of a listing. Each listing page will have a link "Report Error" along with others like "Tell a Friend" and "Save Listing".

Managing a directory is a extremely time consuming work, and the time taken dramatically increases when number of listings increases. It would be impossible to consistently checking accuracy of all the listings. From time to time, some sites do silently go away, some deep links do silently go broken. So with this new function it can let visitor to report to us if they see anything wrong so we can immediately fix it. Keep in mind though, we do carefully check in case of spam.

One tip for existing listing owner, if you find out there is an error in your approved listing, you can sign in and fix it (admin approval required).

3 Feb 2013 - Business Email

We have realised that so many people have put their personal or non-business email as "Business Email", eg emails end with gmail.com . Not too critical with that but they chose to display in their listing page. Now 99% of the time these submissions are done by SEO consultants and many of them did not bother to put "Business Email" correctly.

Effective from today, we will check each submission more carefully and we will hide the "Business Email" IF they are not ending with the same domain as the submitted URL.

31 Jan 2013 - Full Business listing & Standard Business Listing

Just a few updates, featured Listing is now named as "Full Business listing", deep links is increased from 4 to 6; regular listing is now named as "Standard Business Listing".

18 Dec 2012 - New naming rule

To avoid any possible penalties (to us and to you) from BIG search engines, we have made some changes to our submission rules:

From today onwards, max 4 words allowed for Regular/featured listing's title and at least include your business name; business name ONLY for free listing's title.

All previously approved listings will remain unchanged.

17 Dec 2012 - Anchor text maybe no longer that important

It's time we have to change the way we used to think about SEO. Before we thought Anchor Text is very important that you put your desired keywords (some generic words) and they will influence the search ranking. But that is old times. Think about this, if you only put generic keywords as your link title, what would search engines think (particularly Google)? Nowadays they most likely consider it as spam.

Gotta change the strategy now, we strongly advise everyone not to put just the generic keywords but also their business name. eg for ABC company who is selling Plasma TV, instead of putting "Plasma TV" as title, it's always better to include the business name like this: "ABC Plasma TV", and trust me, this looks much better and less spammy and I am sure search engines will like it.

28 Oct 2012 - New features added

At Top Directory Australia, several great features are added to enhance your BROWSING EXPERIENCE:

  1. ability to save your favourite listing and you can view later
  2. ability to add notes to the listing that you are browsing.
15 Oct 2012 - New function - social network profile

We have finally added the ability to add your social network profile, such as facebook page, twitter etc. FEATURED Listing ONLY. See example.

24 Sep 2012 - New category system completed

Finally, all of the listings from old category system are now moved to their categories under new category system. One vital factor of SERP is relevancy, almost all of our lowest level categories have description, meta-description and meta-keywords! This helps the listed site's detail page to be crawled by search engine with RELEVANT category and therefore in theory, should rank better!

Furthermore, we believe we have implemented a category system that should cover 99% of businesses in Australia.

6 Sep 2012 - Price structure changed

Price structure changed.

Featured Listing is now $10 and regular listing is now $5. Free listing is still available.