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13 May 2012 - Registration is now required for submissions

Registration is needed for any link submissions, due to too many spam. Many people just don't bother to read my big red sign saying Aussie site only. So now we only honour to webmasters who really bother to sign up.

1 May 2012 - We reached 200 approved listings
  • We reached 200 approved listings today Smile
  • For SEO reason, the time displayed at top left corner is removed. We try to avoid 3rd party scripts as much as possible.
  • Newsletter subscription system is temporarily closed due to software being obsolete and awaiting updates for php5.3
28 Feb 2012 - Paginations
  • Paginations are added to All Links and All Articles pages.
  • Lots of bugs fixed regarding layout and formatting.
24 Feb 2012 - Using our own thumbshots

We no longer use thumbshots.com to generate thumbnails of the websites because they slow down the loading time and some thumbs just don't get updated at all. We have now purchased a software to capture all thumbs and host locally. There is advantage of doing this, as PR juice flows from one site to another, we have removed the link of thumbshots.com on every page, so in theory, there won't be any PR juice "leaking" to them anymore, thus increasing our own PR juice :)

23 Feb 2012 - Article submission closed due to inactivity

Article submission by user is closed due to its inactivity. We still accept anyone who wish to provide their article, but we will do it manually.

9 Feb 2012 - PageRank Updater

We ran the "PageRank Updater" and all listed sites' PR have been updated. We will be running this from time to time.

9 Jan 2012 - Article section is opened

Article section is tested and open for submission (registration required). Basic html allowed, such as p, br, ul, li, ol.

2 Jan 2012 - More security is implemented

28 Dec 2011 - News feed is now functioning
  • Time displayed at top left corner.
  • News feed is now functioning. Demo: Google News.
27 Dec 2011 - Sponsoring Us
  • Sponsored Links functionality is completed. Expiry date can be set for each link.
  • Paypal Subscribe buttons are added in "Sponsor Us".