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25 Dec 2011 - Top Directory logo changed

21 Dec 2011 - Publicly announced at Digital Point


17 Dec 2011 - Newsletter subscription system is completed

14 Dec 2011 - How To Use

How To Use page is completed.

11 Dec 2011 - Moved to Australian server

For speed and reliability, we have moved to Australian server

1 Dec 2011 - Most pages are written and completed

14 Nov 2011 - The beginning of Top Directory
  • An idea of setting up a quality web directory specially for Australian businesses has brought up.
  • Considered a few names, finally we chose TopDirectory.com.au
  • Early stage of software investigation and setup.
  • The website was online but still at beta stage.
  • Extra upgrades implementing and testing
  • Some pages were finished writing. Some still pending...
  • For testing purpose, the website was opened for submitting links. A few sites were added, some by webmaster, some by visitors.