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Title:Gladstone Air  
Category:Businesses: Construction: Construction Services: Building Installation Services: Air Conditioning and Heating Services
Description:Air Conditioning in the Gladstone region. Are you sweating bullets or frozen into a block of ice. Well then do not fear, Gladstone air is here. We can come out and fix your air conditioner in no time at all. We will design, supply, install, repair, maintain and give it a steam clean to keep you guys healthy. Call now for your free quote.
Address:20 Sundew St
City / Suburb:Kirkwood
Post Code:4680
Phone Number:0466090477
Business Email:Brock@gladstoneair.com.au
Important Page(s): Contact Us, Air Conditioning Blog, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Split System, Gladstone Queensland, Our Company, Warranty
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Date Added: 1 May 2016
Last Updated:22 May 2021
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