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18 Mar 2014 - Scheduled Offline For Maintenance - Mar 22th 9pm to Mar 23rd 9am

Our website will go offline from the 22th 9pm to the 23rd 9am (down for 12 hours) due to our hosting provider's maintenance.

17 Feb 2014 - Promotion: free ad banner for the NEXT 3 Full Business Listing [EXPIRED]

I will throw ad banner (468 x 60) for free for 3 months for the next 3 lucky users who submitted their site as Full Business Listing.

The condition is that it must be Australian business and it must be a good site (subject to our submission rules). And of course, only applies if you do have a banner and want to display it at our website. Note that it's nofollow in order to comply with Google's guideline.

Interested parties can contact us directly once you have submitted your site.

3 empty spots left as of 17/2/2014

2 empty spots left as of 24/3/2014

This promotion is finished.

22 May 2013 - News feed from relevant industry

We have started to import news feeds from relevant industry for some categories, we think this will benefit our visitors and will enrich our website as "not just a directory". We have just added feeds for "Business" and "Online Marketing, I personally read them everyday.

20 May 2013 - News feeds on e-commerce and retail trade

We found some good news feeds regarding the retail and online shopping industry, so we added those feeds to our categories: E-commerce and Retail Trade.

17 May 2013 - Limited Time Offer

If you like us at our Facebook page, we will review your site first. Instruction: once you liked us, post a message with your website at our wall and we will look at it. This promotion will go on until further notice.

1 May 2013 - Secure your position with Full Business Listing

Full Business Listing (formerly featured listing) has many benefits over Standard Business Listing, and the beauty of all is that, it is placed above all standard & free listings on its category. See example here. Listings are sorted as first come first serve, the newer listings will be at the bottom or on the next page (when paginated). But Full Business Listing will always stay at the top on every page.

Look from the other angle: every site will grow and so will we. We are PR2 now but who knows maybe we will be PR4 later. Wait a min... do we still care about PR? Yes, although it is not as important anymore BUT Google still states that it is their "opinion" about the popularity of the site, and put it in their toolbar. There are still SO MANY web users looking at it as some indicator (see Matt's video). That's one thing, the other thing is, all of our business categories are carefully categorised and fully described, it is definitely optimised for the search engine and therefore, each category page itself is passing very strong "relevancy" to its listings, thus the better search ranking position for your business.

Full Business Listing will be having significant advantage over the standard ones in the long run. If you care about your website much, look further, consider Full Business Listing.

25 Apr 2013 - Honoured to be interviewed

We are honoured to be interviewed by Directory Log (a quality directory guide and review site) on one of our directories. Here is the link:

9 Apr 2013 - Listing Comparison

Check out our price comparison that we just set out today. Before, you need to sign up in order to view the listing prices, now you can view them without registering, and compare them at a glance. See the difference for yourself.

28 Feb 2013 - We are now very strict on titles and descriptions

We have too many submissions and most of them are poor quality, so now we are very strict on titles and descriptions, and we will reject whenever we see them, as we don't have time to fix these poor listings anymore.

These are examples of what sort of poor titles we will not accept:

  • keywords are more than allowed
  • looks too spammy
  • hype
  • no company name, only generic keywords presented

Examples of poor descriptions that we will not accept:

  • repeated keywords
  • contain url, email or phone
  • hype
  • Capital On The First Letter Of Every Word
  • descriptions that are entirely unrelated to the site
15 Feb 2013 - Business Address

I came across a listing today which I think was submitted via SEO consultant, in the business address field I strongly suspect that he put his SEO company address rather than the presented business address. I had to hide the address as I know it's wrong (I do check), don't want the trouble.

Just... pay a bit more attention when you submit please.