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Top Directory Australia  - How To Use

Below are explanations of following operations:

  • Submit A Site
  • Edit A Site (registered only)
  • Claim A Site (registered only)
  • Claim or Edit A Site That You Submitted When Unregistered.

Submit A Site

It is easy to add your website to Top Directory Australia. After submitting, your site will be reviewed by one of our editors.

Registration is now compulsory. Before any submission, log in first.

There are many categories, if you are not sure, try do an "Advanced Search" by clicking it at the top navigation bar. A few results should show up once you have put your keywords and search. Alternatively you can browse through from the top categories either on the main page, or the left column of any page. Once you have found the best category for your website, click 'Submit link' located at top navigation bar.

Please submit sites to the most appropriate and specific category possible. What is the most appropriate category? The best way to find out is browse our website categories and become familiar. Selecting the correct category helps our reviewers ensure our directory quality and benefits everyone. If it is in the incorrect category, we will put it in a more appropriate category.

For advanced and returning visitors, you can head straight to the Submit link page from the top navigation bar and you will be able to select category there.

Before you go ahead, make sure you understand our Submission Rules.

Happy listing!

Edit A Site

This is only for registered users who want to edit the sites they submitted when logged in.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log yourself in
  2. Click "My Submissions"
  3. Look for the site you wish to edit, click "Review"

Claim A Site

Occasionally when we found some good sites, we will add them to our directory. If you found your site has been added and you wish to claim it and add/edit information, or even upgrade to Featured Link, here are the steps:

  1. If you are not registered, register first.
  2. Log yourself in
  3. Browse to the site that you wish to claim, in the detail page of the site, click "Claim This Site"
  4. Choose the link type that suits you. Then follow the normal "Submit A Site" procedure.

Claim or Edit A Site That You Submitted

If you want to edit/claim a site that you submitted before when unregistered, you will need to register first and then contact us. We will then assign the site to your id. Note your email must match the email that you provided at submission.