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Directory Submission Service

If you have a list of websites and do not want to spend too much time on submitting them, we can help you.


  1. We can save your time especially when you have a large list of your clients' sites.
  2. We know the category structure better than anyone so we can save your time finding the right one.
  3. We care about the listings on our website as much as you care about your clients.
  4. Invoice will be provided.

Fees & Rules:

We strictly stand by our policies stated in HERE. We DO reject sites if disqualified.

Submission service fee for full listing is 11AUD per site. Standard listing is 5.5AUD per site. 10% Discount if more than 10 listings.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

How to proceed?

You can give us a list of site details, eg an excel sheet, and we will check the details and enter manually one by one.

Followings are the available fields (only * are compulsory):

  • title*
  • url* (top-level domain only unless full listing)
  • category (this will be manually reviewed by ourselves)*
  • description (please use non promotional OR not too hyped writing)
  • site owner name
  • site owner email*
  • meta keywords
  • meta description
  • address line 1 (need for Google map)
  • address line 2 (need for Google map)
  • city/suburb (need for Google map)
  • state (need for Google map)
  • postcode (need for Google map)
  • country (should be Australia)
  • phone number
  • fax number
  • business email
  • show business email (not owner's email)? yes/no
  • show map? yes/no
  • show contact detail? yes/no
  • Social Network profile page, eg Facebook page, Twitter etc (up to 10, full listing only)
  • Deep Links and their anchor texts (up to 6 sets, full listing only)

Please contact us if interested.