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Top Directory Australia  - Why list with us?

There are so many directories out there, why choose us?

Let me tell you why not?

  1. We are one of the few directories that only focus on Australian businesses, we are not like some general directories having 10000s of web links, not to mention some of the links might be illegal or spammy. We only list carefully reviewed websites. If your site is listed with us, you will be proud of it.
  2. We are using our own software to capture screenshots and all screenshots are hosted on our server rather than 3rd party server, thus ensuring the speed of loading. PLUS we don't have to place 3rd party's link on our footer, which helps to maintain our higher "link juice".
  3. We are hosted on Australian server (good for australian sites and viewers).
  4. Business category structure was entirely (and manually) built by ourselves! We believe our category structure should cover all types of Australian businesses. Relevancy is very important in SEO so we make sure each business is categorised in correct or at least the most relevant business category.
  5. We are experienced directory builder. We know what we are doing and we know how to promote a directory.
  6. We are also experienced in web developing and marketing. We never black hat. Listing with us will definitely improve your SEO in the long run.